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Puppy Prodigies offers puppy training to pet dog owners too! 
We will teach you a gentle and effective way to train your pet puppy.  Our goal is to help you build a better bond with your puppy, enhancing your relationship which will ultimately result in a harmonious environment!  When you train your puppy with positive reinforcement, you'll not only have fun, you'll have a well trained and happy dog... and you'll be happy too! 

Puppy Prodigies is dedicated to promoting mutually-rewarding relationships between people and puppies using motivational based training methods.  Our goal is to make early puppy education and training more available to people and their pet dogs.  We believe training should be fun at both ends of the leash! 

Statistics show that many dogs that aren't trained end up in shelters.  Many dogs are euthanized for behavior problems.  Preventing behavior problems before they begin will eliminate problems in the future.  We want to help you assure that puppies receive the training they need to avoid future problems.  We'll help owners avoid common mistakes in raising puppies, and we'll demonstrate the value in positive training methods. 

Puppy Prodigies uses reward based training with positive reinforcement which includes clicker training and lure/reward training.  We believe this is the best method to train a puppy, and ultimately helps to build the bond between human and dog. Our training emphasizes rewarding the behaviors we like and, ignoring the behaviors we don't like (as often as possible). By positively reinforcing the behaviors we do like, our dogs will start to offer those more often. By default, the behaviors we donít like will decrease.  We make training fun for the puppy so they look forward to learning.

By using positive training techniques, the puppy will learn manners, as well as learning what behaviors are appropriate.  The puppy will become confident and curious about life as it is provided many opportunities for stimulation and learning.

We believe that positive interaction through play and training, along with clear communication are the keys to a successful relationship.  We feel that positive training techniques encourage an active, trusting partnership between you and your dog, rather than a relationship based on fear, "dominance" and force.

Through compassion and respect, our goal is to create a deeper bond between you and your puppy.  We are dedicated to helping you have a stronger, long lasting bond with your dog through positive training and interaction.  Watching the bond grow between dog and owner is truly amazing! 

We offer private, one-on-one lessons in your home to fit your schedule, and all our training is done in a loving and caring manner with complete respect for your puppy.  We work with families to develop skills to work with their puppies, which ultimately results in a stronger relationship.

We also offer help with socialization because no matter how good a puppy's inherited character traits are, if he's not socialized appropriately, he will never be as good a dog as he could have been. 



"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."
 Gene Hill



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