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No bones about it...

 you'll love our puppy parties!

You are cordially invited...!

In order to socialize your puppies (and because who doesn't like a good party), you can throw puppy parties! Ask volunteers to come "dressed up" so your puppies get used to all different types of people.  It can be as simple as wearing a sombrero, or as elaborate as dressing up like a clown!  You want your puppies to meet all kinds of people.  If you wear a uniform... you'd make a perfect party guest!  Firefighters and EMT's would be great!  Young people, elder, male, female, men with mustaches and beards, women with hats, people wearing glasses, mail carriers, people with backpacks, people with umbrellas, people with various gaits, joggers.  If you have crutches, a cane, walker, skates... bring them. 


One of the first steps on the path to becoming a secure adult dog is ensuring that a puppy receives proper socialization.  Socialization is the developing of relationships with other animals and people and is critical in the development of a puppy's behavior.  Much of what is learned during their early development period is permanent and provides a foundation for adult behavior patterns.  The more people a puppy interacts with at this age, the more secure he'll be about meeting people in his adult role.  Puppies who get the socialization they need turn into happy, secure, confident dogs who will want to interact with all types of people.

The heart is happiest when it beats for others.












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