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One of our pups named Ricochet, was training to be a service dog, but showed too much interest in birds and chase drive.  Because she was born into our program, we still wanted her to do something meaningful with her life.  Our puppies go through balance and coordination exercises, and Ricochet showed an amazing sense of balance.  That coupled with the fact that Dog surfing is popular in southern California, Ricochet was also balance training on a surf board, so she could surf for fun. 

Once we realized Ricochet couldn't be a service dog in the traditional sense, a change of career job was carved out for her, and she was able to continue working with our Puppy Prodigies service dog program.  She went from service dog to SURFice dog, and is able to continue helping people with disabilities in a non-traditional way.  Click the video below to see how Ricochet went from service dog to SURFice dog.




The mission of our SURFice dog initiative is for our dog ambassador, Ricochet to achieve her highest paw'tential by serving in the role of a SURFice dog and assistive aid for people with disabilities, kids with special needs, wounded warriors and veterans with PTSD. The objective is that she act as an ambassador and live a lifestyle of helping others by pawing it forward while raising awareness and funds for human/animal causes. She is the catalyst that motivates and inspires others to focus on the CAN do's in life while letting go of expectations, accepting others for who they are, staying true to themselves, following their heart, and believing anything is possible.

Because this is a special position created by Puppy Prodigies specifically for Ricochet, and because she received all the advanced training of a service dog, the term SURFice dog was trademarked to reflect the very specific role Ricochet fills as part of our organization.  Most of what Ricochet does isn't about surfing herself.  It's about assisting people with disabilities in a non traditional way, utilizing her service dog skills and temperament.  She surfs with a quadriplegic surfer as a means to raise funds for his therapy, and is also very active in the adaptive surfing community to help raise funds and awareness.  Ricochet is a good dog surfer, and has won contests, but what she is best at is inspiring people, creating change and supporting charitable causes.

She has raised over $315,000 for both human and animal charities, and continues to bring in funds for her causes.  She continues to touch people's lives all around the world with her inspirational video.

We are very proud of Ricochet, and her individual achievements.  We are thrilled that we found a niche for this change of career dog, and that, although we wanted her to make a difference in the life of a person with a disability, she is making a difference in millions of lives.  She is a very special dog, and if we hadn't listened to what Ricochet wanted to do with her life, and continued focusing on our expectations of her... none of this could have been achieved.

Ricochet is an internationally renowned, award-winning surf dog who surfs for fun, participates in surfing contests & most importantly... SURFS WITH PURPOSE! She surfs solo, with children, adults, pros, celebrities, other dogs & even a goat! She's the only dog in the world who surfs with special needs kids, people with disabilities, wounded warriors and veterans with PTSD as an assistive aid & SURFice dog. She is also a registered & certified therapy dog who lives a lifestyle of helping others by 'pawing it forward' while raising awareness & offering support to military service members and veterans with PTSD, human/animal causes, crisis situations and a bunch of other stuff!

We ask you to look at your own dogs, and find their strengths, find what THEY want to do... because it may just be better than what you expected!

For more information on Ricochet's initiatives, successful fundraisers, and more, please visit her website

Or join her on Facebook









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