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New clips have been added! 
Scroll down the page to view sample clips.


videos copyrighted 2006 by Puppy Prodigies and strictly prohibited to be used in any capacity,
 or posted on other websites without prior express written consent from
Puppy Prodigies. 
All rights reserved.

The following sample video clips are just highlights of the Puppy Prodigies Neo-natal & Early Learning program.  Our program consists of a full learning regime that all our puppies go through.   For more information on the program, please visit the early learning program highlights page.  There are many facets to the program starting pre-natally that are built upon each other, which include creating more neuronal connections in the brain, imprinting, habituation, socializing, environment enrichment, and much more... thus creating a puppy who is well grounded, learns extremely fast, and has a high capacity for learning.  These video clips showcase the training potential of a puppy when the program is followed, but be careful not to overwhelm your puppy.  We offer phone consultations if you have questions about your litter. 


**Please note:  These video clips are not a substitute for what our program consists of, and extreme caution in duplicating the training, primarily the early work should be exercised to avoid excessive stress to the puppies especially during certain developmental periods.  If you have questions about the training please contact us.

These clips include instinctual training, lure/reward training, using "yes" as a marker, and clicker training.  These are not "finished" behaviors, but showcase the learning potential of puppies at these various ages.

13 days old NEW
Behavior(s): Turn.  Puppy cannot see or hear yet, but is beginning to learn.

14 days old NEW
Behavior(s):  Up, sit, following, turn.  Puppy cannot see or hear yet, but continues the learning process.

17 days old NEW
Behavior(s): Sit, shake, following, up, under, turn.  Puppy's eyes are beginning to open.

18 days old NEW
Behavior(s):  Going through a tunnel (agility prep).  Eyes still not open completely

21 days old NEW
Behavior(s):  Sit, up. 

20-24 days old
Behavior(s):  Up, jump on, come here, sit, under, down, turn.

26 days old NEW
Behavior(s):  Target (easy button).

4 weeks old
Behavior(s):  Sit, shake, down, turn, up, lap, push, target (easy button), roll, touch, under, tug.

4 1/2 - 5 weeks old
Behavior(s):  Touch ("push to open" button), speak, targeting with the clicker, tugging door open, light, retrieve, tugging sock off.

6 1/2 - 7 weeks old
Behavior(s):  Turn, light, up, touch, tug, zipper, shake, retrieve, out, lap.

7 1/2 - 8 weeks old
Behavior(s):  Leave it, speak, down, roll, light, turn, leash walking.

8 1/2 weeks old NEW
Behavior(s):  Here, leave it, light, touch, sit, shake, turn, tug.

9 weeks old NEW
Behavior(s):  Hit it, high 5, hold, give, get it, light, retrieve, speak, tug.

9-10 weeks old
Behavior(s):  Retrieve, tug, light (up on the wall), zipper, doorbell, wait, roll, up, off, visit, kennel, come, go to bed.

10 weeks old NEW
Behavior(s):  Zipper, light (on the wall), leave it (treat on paw), hold, retrieve, stay.

11 weeks old NEW
Behavior(s):  Basket retrieve, laundry retrieve, kleenex retrieve, tugging off sock, simulated counter transaction, child handler (sit, shake, speak).

11 weeks old (part 2) NEW
Behavior(s):  Targeting with the clicker (bell, handicapped door button, target stick).

12 weeks old NEW
Behavior(s):  Hit it (easy button), trash can retrieve, leash retrieve, turning lamp on, leash walking, roll, watch, distance recall.

Escape from Paw-catraz NEW
Puppy escaping from x-pen

Return to Paw-catraz NEW
Puppy running into x-pen now that she shares it with a "treat n train"



Check back... new videos added intermittently! 

videos copyrighted 2006 by Puppy Prodigies and strictly prohibited to be used in any capacity,
 or posted on other websites without prior express written consent from
Puppy Prodigies. 
All rights reserved.




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The Puppy Prodigies neo-natal and early learning program, as well as all content, pictures and videos on this website are copyrighted
and strictly prohibited to be used without prior express written consent from Puppy Prodigies All rights reserved.