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Welcome to Puppy Prodigies Neo-natal and Early Learning Program! Puppy Prodigies is an innovative program located in San Diego county.  We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization which helps puppies achieve their full potential, thereby enriching the lives of those they assist.
  As you know, dogs assist people in many, many ways.  From saving lives, to creating independence, to being a faithful companion. 

But, most of us would agree that it is difficult to predict the adult personality of a puppy.  Since that's not possible, we focus on the puppy's early weeks which are crucial to their later success in training, and in life.  We specialize in early learning and development from birth to 7-12 weeks of age.  This gets the puppy ready for the next phase of their training by “learning to learn”.  Our program covers whelping, imprinting, stimulation, habituation, conditioning, enrichment, socialization, training, and screening for future roles/homes.  We also incorporate intermediate and advanced service dog training into our initiatives.  It's our mission—and our great privilege—to provide this program model to assistance dog organizations, rescues, shelters and others who could benefit.

Our program is very labor intensive, and unless you are willing to dedicate 2 months of your time, 24/7 to the puppies, we don't believe you should be breeding.  For the rescues and shelters that want to incorporate this program, but don't have the resources, any of our methods, exercises and activities you are able to do will still benefit the puppies.  Doing something... is better than doing nothing.

We have taken a detour on our journey to follow an incredible pup that was part of our neo-natal program.  Ricochet was slated to be a service dog for a person with a disability.  But, at about 9 months of age, she started showing interest in chasing critters. We worked with her for months, and she was very good a controlling her impulses. But, we knew we couldn't place a dog with a person with a disability that had a chase instinct such as hers. Because she had such good balance, and coordination she also learned to surf.  Her role went from service dog to SURFice dog & now she raises funds & awareness for human/animal causes.  She's raised almost $100,000, and continues to raise more.  So, now Puppy Prodigies has become a fundraising entity, and resource for those interested in learning more about our puppy program.

Puppy Prodigies would like to extend a warm welcome, and we invite you to learn more about our puppy program, and Surf Dog Ricochet who has many lessons to teach us!

Ricochet had a unique change of career, and we've been
facilitating her journey.  Check out her inspirational video that
went viral on YouTube & has over 3.4 million views!



Prod-i-gy (plural prod-i-gies)

1.  Exceptionally talented:  one who possesses extraordinary abilities or talents developed at an exceptionally early age.

2.  Something marvelous: something very impressive or amazing.

3.  An act or event so extraordinary or rare as to inspire wonder.

"While we teach our puppies all about life...
our puppies teach us what life is all about"















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